Jelena Devi

Embodied Heart Wisdom


Welcome to my space to move together through life. I invite you to simply be and express who you are.
Finding your truth through embodiment practices as yoga and dance, which connect you to your essence, your body, nature and to each other.
“Jelena” is my birth name. “Mukti Devi” -meaning “liberated Goddess”- is my spiritual name given in a yoga ashram initiation.
As this is my space of connecting to you and the world; I am all about bridging the human life experience and the Divinity within each and every one within the pure heart.
Supporting us all in remembering that everything is divine.

Giving thanks to your beautiful heart for being on this journey.

With LOVE Jelena


Nature – the earth is my guide & teacher. This is where I remember who I am and find peace within.

JELENA (Switzerland/Jamaica) landed into this world dancing. After many years exploring the realms of professional dance, choreography and teaching a variety of styles it is her greatest joy to guide people into deeper connection to their body and heart to witness expression of truth. Previously a dance/ yoga studio owner she now shares “Dance & Yoga as Medicine” all over the world in the form of ceremony, ecstatic earth dance, workshops and elemental dance/ yoga retreats.

“Let’s enjoy the dance of life brothers and sisters. We are together in this.”



Jelena discovered her passion for teaching at a very young age and became a primary school teacher when she was 21. After that her journey begun as a dancer, performer and yoga teacher.

She has completed over 2’000 hours of different yoga and dance trainings and facilitated classes, workshops and retreats all over the world for the last 15 years. In 2019 she created her own Facilitator Training called Shakti Rising. This training is for women who wish to step fully into their feminine essence and share sacred spaces with others through movement and embodiment practices.

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Dance Away Movement - Ragga Show - Out of System

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DANCE FROM WITHIN - A Dance Away Production

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Ragga with Prisca Jelena in Zuerich - DANCE AWAY


I felt really strongly how dance & yoga helps me to embody these different feminine energies and get in touch with different aspects of my being. Jelena is an amazing dancer, yogini and teacher. She truely embodies the empowered woman and her teachings include a range of powerful practices from dance, meditation, yoga, ceremonies, rituals and much more. Her strong yet warm and gentle pesence allows everyone to feel save and move forward in their own pace. She created a wonderful container for us to learn, expand, heal, transform but also relax, enjoy and connect amongst sisters. Jelena has this very nurturing and joyful energy – you just have to love her!



I used to dance a lot in clubs at the age of 23 to 28 and I loved dancing for hours and hours. Sadly I then had experiences of being judged by how I move, especially by women. I felt put down and seen as a competitor instead of being seen as a sister.

I didn’t feel free anymore in my body or style of clothes and started to suppress my feminine expression.

After the Shakti Rising Immersion with Jelena in Bali this lost part of mine finally came back to me! I found pleasure again in expressing my femininity in my own unique way. I finally don’t care anymore what others think of me and allow myself to be fully myself and dance again every day!



I met Jelena when I was at one of my lowest points, and she changed my life.
I have a chronic illness that had become so unmanageable that I had completely dissociated from my self and my body. In fact, I was in a space where I hated my body for causing me pain and I didn’t realize how much I had physically contracted and isolated myself spiritually in the process.
I decided to join Jelena’s Kundalini dance series on a whim (it felt so aligned) and from the moment I entered her beautiful container, I felt myself soften and begin to slowly open up again. Jelena holds space in such a loving and caring way, that I was able to dance a lot of my embodied trauma away and start to truly FEEL MYSELF again! I feel Jelena embodies LOVE and SELF LOVE in a way I have yet to experience in my 32 years.
I have come away from her classes and courses with incredible tools to use in my everyday life and practice and I feel that through Jelena’s guidance I feel more grounded, aligned and close to my purpose and deeper self than ever before.


After having travelled for some years all over the world, I felt a deep urge to ground and make Switzerland (Zurich) my home, as I had a strange intuition that that’s where I would find my tribe and where I would grow and rise as a conscious woman and a human being. As soon as I met Jelena, during her Kundalini Chakra Dance Journey, I had the strong realisation that her teachings, her energy and herself were definitely part of my healing journey – as if her soul had called me home. Since then, I took part in many of  her offerings including her first Shakti Rising Teacher Training in Bali in 2020. I truly look up to her as I admire her power, wisdom, light, happiness and embodied femininity.


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Jelena Devi

Jelena is an intuitive & professionally trained dancer, yogini & movement artist. She has been sharing conscious bodywork through dance and yoga in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Marocco, Egypt, Australia, Bali & Jamaica. It is her greatest joy to guide people into deeper connection to their body & heart, & witness them expressing their truth.
Her passion for movement & her feeling for rhythm and music was given to her at a very young age through her parents. Jelena’s roots are Jamaican from her mother’s side & Swiss from her father’s side. She has been trained in various yoga styles & now teaches “Elemental Yoga”, which is a holistic approach of yoga inspired by Chinese Medicine and connects you deeply with nature and it’s forces. In addition, she is certified at a Dance & Theater School in Switzerland and was able to perform in different companies and also created her own dance pieces as “Ritual Warriors”. For twelve years she has been teaching many different dance styles as Ragga, Contemporary Dance & HipHop very successfully. In the last year she has followed her desire to dive deeper into using Dance as Medicine and has completed various dance trainings such as “Kundalini Dance” and “Holistic Dance” and today also leads Conscious Dance Journeys and Cacao Ceremonies.
“Allow yourself to be you & express it!”

Holistic Dance Training

(Zola Dubnikovel – Temple School in Arambol – Goa, India); 201*

Elemental Yoga

(200-houres – Elemental Yoga School – Bali); 2017

Elemental Yoga Therapy

(300-houres – Elemental Yoga School – Bali); 2017

Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training

by Leyolah Antara; 2018

Adjustment-continuing education in Ashtanga Yoga

(at Ashtanga Yoga Basel); 2016

Yoga training in Tantra Yoga

(300-hour – Shri Kali Ashram – Goa, India); 2015

Sadhana Intensive

(Sivananda Ashram Paris, France); 2014

Yoga training in Sivananda Yoga

(Zola Dubnikovel – Temple School in Arambol – Goa, India); 2018

Yoga training in Vinyasa Flow

(200-hour – Joyful Yoga – Costa Rica); 20132016

Meditation leader

in “Raum für Bewusstsein” in Zürich; 2012

Quantum Healing Training

in “Raum für Bewusstsein” in Zürich; 2011

Professional Dance Education

ZTTS in Zürich; 2010-2013


Dance is the most natural way to move the body and express what I am feeling within. It’s freeing, empowering & healing all at the same time. Let your body speak to you & allow your life to become a sacred dance in full joy & presence.
  • Roots Ragga
  • Earth Dance / Tribal Earth Dance
  • Kundalini Dance (Ecstatic Chakra Dance)
  • Urban Contemporary
  • Children’s Dance
  • Private Dance Classes
  • Yoga & Dance Fusion
  • Shakti Rising Dance Journey


Yoga means union; so nothing happens in nature, which is not in connection with the whole.
In my yoga class you will experience how yoga activates self-healing powers and enriches everyday life. Here we practice yoga asana and pranayama according to the timeless principles of eastern medicine. We follow the cycles of nature (seasons, moon, etc.) to find balance in our natural rhythm in everyday life.
  • Elemental Yoga
  • Private Yoga Class / Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga & Dance Fusion
  • Yoga for Children
  • Meditation

Cacao Ceremony

“Cacao is a gentle spirit who opens the pathways to your heart; but it’s you who needs to step in.”
Cacao ceremonies have become a popular ritual in conscious communities, because of it’s powerful feeling & healing experience. Cacao ceremonies have actually been around for thousands of years, originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America, used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance. Pure cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing. Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.


Since the age of 9 I have organized and led Birthday-Parties for my sister and her friend’s Birthdays. Thinking back to this makes me smile. Again and again I got asked to come to special Celebrations to offer some Yoga or Dance with children, teenagers or adults. I would love to CELEBRATE your Special Day with you and contribute to a very beautiful memory. Get in touch with me to share your wishes and ideas

Yoga In School

After teaching in primary schools for over ten years, I love to inspire children & teachers to include dance & yoga in their daily routines. I offer Workshops, courses or full Dance or/and Yoga weeks for the children during their holidays. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in this offering.

Shakti Rising Offerings

In all Shakti Rising Offerings you will connect deeper to the Feminine principle within yourself and within the world. Our ultimate teacher is our Earth, Gaia, as she teaches unconditional love and presence. This is how we transform any darkness into light and heal and expand so we can embody our true Self and shine.


Vanessa Imhasly

Beim Sound Healing wirst du eingeladen, dich hinzulegen, loszulassen und zu empfangen. Lass die kraftvollen Schwingungen der Tibetischen Klangschalen dein ganzes Wesen durchdringen und dein System wieder in einen Zustand der Balance bringen. Die Klänge tragen dich ganz mühelos in einen meditativen Zustand, in dem sich dein Körper tief entspannt, deine Gedanken verstummen und deine Seele auf Reisen gehen darf.

Als Vanessa 2016 nach Indien reiste, um ihre Yoga-Kenntnisse zu vertiefen, stiess sie auf Nada Yoga. Nada bedeutet „Klang“, somit kann Nada Yoga mit “Einswerden durch Klang“ übersetzt werden. Nach diesem 200h Teacher Training in Rishikesh wuchs ihre Faszination an Klang und Musik als Instrument zur spirituellen Transformation und Heilung. Gleich danach verbrachte sie vier Monate in Bali, wo sie erstmals unterschiedliche Klangmeditationen besuchte. Die Klänge berührten sie auf so profunde und heilende Art, dass sie diese Art von Meditation unbedingt mit anderen Menschen teilen wollte. Im Klangzentrum Zürich absolvierte Vanessa darum eine Ausbildung zur Klangmasseurin, in der sie den Umgang mit tibetischen Klangschalen erlernte. Seither hält sie monatliche Klangschalen-Meditationen, Sound Healings, Yin & Klang Yoga und ähnliches. Sie bietet zudem Massagen und Klangmassagen in ihrem Atelier in Zürich an.

“Ich sehe Klang als unterstützende Kraft in dieser Zeit des Bewusstseinswandels. Er lädt uns ein loszulassen, er lehrt uns zu spüren und aufmerksam bei uns zu sein und er erlaubt uns Reisen in andere Bewusstseinsebenen. “

Jelena Devi

Jelena Devi’s Lebensweg führte sie zur Erkenntnis, dass wenn wir eine starke Gesellschaft wollen, müssen wir bei den Frauen und Kindern anfangen. Warum? Weil jeder Mensch durch eine Frau geboren wird und wir somit eine grosse Verantwortung sowie auch Geschenk tragen. Darum teilt sie seit einigen Jahren ihre tiefe Liebe und ihr Wissen mit anderen Frauen mit viel Leidenschaft.
Jelena landete tanzend in diese Welt. Während vielen Jahren studierte sie professionellen Tanz, Choreographie und vertiefte ihr Wissen, Menschen über Bewegung in tiefere Verbindung mit sich selbst und ihrem Herzen zu führen. Nachdem Sie selbständig ein Yoga-und Tanzstudio geleitet hat, unterrichtet sie heute international Tanz und Yoga als Mittel, Menschen in ihre Freude und Wahrheit zurückzuführen. Sie leitet diverse Workshops, unter anderem auch Cacao Zeremonien, sowie Retreats und Trainings.
“Wir Frauen tragen eine grosse Verantwortung, die Neue Erde” aus unseren Schossräumen und Herzen zu gebären.”