Everyday is a new chance to explore and expand.

Monday 26th of July; 7-9pm


Jelena und Vanessa laden dich ein zu dieser besonderen Co-Creation mit Cacao, Elemental Ecstatic Dance und Sound Healing.
Wir beginnen diese Zeremonie mit dem Trinken von Cacao, einer alten Meisterpflanze aus Mittelamerika. Sie wird unsere Sinne schärfen und lässt uns tief im Körper verankert sowie mit einem offenen Herzen auf diese Reise gehen.
Jelena nimmt uns dann mit auf eine Tanzreise durch die fünf Elemente. Du wirst teils angeleitet und mittels Atem und Bewegung die Elemente Erde, Wasser, Feuer, Luft und Aether verkörpern und ebenso Zeit und Raum haben freie Bewegungen zu geniessen.
Am Schluss darfst du dich hinlegen und den wohltuenden Klängen der Klangschalen lauschen. Erlauben den Vibrationen dich in eine tiefe Entspannung zu tragen, damit du alles Erlebte verarbeiten und integrieren kannst.
Alle sind willkommen und keine Vorkenntnisse sind nötig.
Wir freuen uns auf diese Celebration mir dir!
Jelena & Vanessa

Costs: CHF 55.-
Space: Attic Lofts Zürich, Gmeimeriweg 6

Friday 13th of August 2021

ROOTS RAGGA, Tanzwerk Zürich

In this dance class you will connect deeply with your ROOTS – the earth – your root chakra & connect with the joy of being here on this planet & celebrating life. My own roots are from Jamaica from my mother’s side & Ragga / Dancehall is a dance style which was birthed there. There are many different foot steps to learn & many movements come from the pelvis & hips. Ragga / Dancehall has its origin in African Dance & is influenced by HipHop. I like to cultivate a very fun and feminine Ragga style which is all about coming into your power & joy.
There will be sequences where you will be guided and learn simple steps & other sequences you will be given space to explore your free movement & flow


Shamanic Cacao & Dance Journey

Dear friends
I’m excited to be hosting a Shamanic Cacao & Dance Journey for you to drop deeply into your hearts core and connect deeper to your body temple through dance.
Also I’ve been journeying the past three months with Jemma ( in a powerful container of deepening the understanding of the Anden Shamanism and Sacred Chocolate Facilitation. Excited to bring some fresh flavour and good tunes to your being.
Please register over email:
This is a fundraiser for The children of Bali and all donations will go into “The happy mattress project” where children receive a soft mattress to sleep on.
Please send donations (any amount is highly appreciated) to my PayPal account with the name “Make Children Happy”:
This is a project run by @theyogilab Bali!
Order your Cacao to prepare for the ceremony from Cacaobliss and receive 10% discount with the CODE: jelenarizeup2021
Webpage of my dear brother Lhamo:
Find a description of the bow to prepare on the same page.
Please don’t eat 2-3 hours before the ceremony.
 Are you ready for the heart activation?!
loving you



It’s natural to fall sometimes. It’s normal that we have challenges in our daily life. It’s the human life experience of living in the consistency of uncertainty.

But still I choose to rise! No matter what; over and over I have a choice of coming into acceptance of what is and choosing a new reality from there.


I hope this love letter inspires you and I’m excited to announce many beautiful retreats, a gathering and a facilitator training coming up in Switzerland this summer!
We don’t know how the regulations will be until then; but we can still dream the beautiful moments in and practice to surrender if it doesn’t happen. 
What ever you feel to join – you will be receiving your full investment back in case of any cancellations due to Covid.

Also for all who are interested in joining my 8 week 1:1 Coaching and Embodiment Program starting in May please reach out to book a free discovery call!  
In deep joy of each breath I take,