Our soul has the longing to truly go deep within ourselves.

14th - 28th of February 2021


A journey into feminine body, heart & soul wisdom

I believe that you are whole and hold all wisdom within. Through movement I will guide you into your body, heart & soul wisdom. I understand myself as a gate opener & guide to claiming back your full power.
Learning how to listen to the body, heart & soul language again; trusting your feelings & intuition through daily movement & empowerment practices.
Nature – mother earth – Gaia is my direct teacher. We all came here to support her evolution & shift. As we are all her children, she becomes our ultimate mother – teaching us unconditional love & presence.
From my deep love to nature I have studied “Elemental Yoga & Yoga Therapy” to understand how we as humans can understand our energy flow better in connection to the elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPIRIT within us. This wisdom is based on Chinese medicine which teaches us about the meridians (energy pathways in the body) and their connecting organs. We hold all elements within; we are them & they are us. Through moving accordingly and enhancing a specific element through intention, prayer, yoga & dance practice; you will be able to receive the insight, messages & healing directly from the spirit of each element. Many of us also understand an energy force better by visualising an archetype to call in their specific qualities & teachings. I will be sharing this way of working with different feminine archetypes. For connecting to Earth we call on Gaia directly; she teaches us unconditional love & abundance. For connecting to Water we call on Maria Magdalena, the tantric & sensual lover. For connecting to Fire we call on Kali /Sechmet; the dark mother & wild woman & warrior who teaches us firce love. For connecting to Air we call on our inner children, who soften our hearts & teach us forgiveness. For connecting to Ether / Spirit we call our inner Goddess/ Queen, to become a pure channel of love; emboying Divinity & standing in our full power as a woman connected to source.
Throughout the two weeks, we will have two full days to immerse in each element & connecting archetypes. The whole program & practices will be there to support you to understand each element deeper & feel how it moves in & through you. The first of the two days you will be receiving my teachings throughout the day & during the other day there will be time to go into sharing small practices in groups. It’s up to you if you wish to share these practices after the training; but everyone will be certified by “Jelena Devi” my label as a “Shakti Rising Spaceholder & Guide” to share a “5 Week Movement & Empowerment Course” in your community. You will receive a written “Training Guide” with all practices listed & specific playlists to be fully equipped with suitable music.
I have been teaching dance for 15 years, yoga for 8 years & also been working as a primary teacher for 11 years! So what I am sharing now has been able to transform & grow to what I feel is needed most in the here and now. My teachings are designed for women or men to connect deeper to their feminine aspects within. The underlaying frequency of all my teachings are freedom, love & trust. The most empowering thing a teacher can do, is to see the power in their students & remind them of it! I believe in the longing of the heart of every human to evolve & grow. So this training is not a “hard-working” movement camp where I will demand anything from you. It’s more like an invitation & offering & every day you decide what you are ready to explore & how deep you wish to go within your body. There is no other goal than accepting yourSELF every day in the here & now; & through selfLOVE you will be guided closer to YOU.
In this training I teach daily “Elemental Shakti Yoga”, which is a style of yoga honouring the feminine aspects within every human & includes womb & yoni activation.
In our dance practice we will connect deeper to the element of the day & you will be invited into different dance styles such as “Roots Ragga /HipHop” connecting to the element of EARTH, “Sensual Dance” connecting to the element of WATER, “Wild Woman Dance” connecting to the element of FIRE, “Inner Child Dance” connecting to the ELEMENT of AIR and “Sacred Dance” connecting to the element of ETHER /SPIRIT.
I am very excited to welcome you on this journey of an evolutionary woman

We are staying in the North of Bali in a beautiful venue overlooking the ocean. There is a big saltwater pool and you can enjoy a free shuttle service only 10min. drive from there to swim in the ocean.


This is how a day may look like:

  • 7.00am: ° Elemental Shakti Yoga °
  • 8.30am: ° Healthy Breakfast °
  • 10.30am: ° Dance Practice °
  • 12.30am :° Healthy Lunch °
  • ° free time°
  • There will be a free day inbetween the two weeks
  • 6.30pm: ° Healthy Dinner °
  • 8.00 - 9.30pm: ° Sacred Touch / Soundhealing / Singing & Sharing Circles / Sacred Sexuality & Yoni Egg Practice °


  • 5 week Online-Course with new meditations, yoga & dance practices each week (starting in January 2021!)
  • 6 hours of movement & empowerment practices every day during the immersion
  • Daily Elemental Shakti Yoga (1,5h)
  • Daily Dance Practice (1,5h)
  • transport from Ubud at 1pm on the 14th of February
  • Daily Sacred Touch, Soundhealing, Singing & Sharing Circle (1,5h)
  • 3 healthy meals a day (vegetarian & vegan options)
  • 13 nights accomodation in a beautiful venue right at the beach with a salt water pool (twin bed room; single bedroom can be booked on request with additional charges)
  • Daily Movement Journey, Ceremony & Empowerment Practice (1,5h)


  • Cacao Ceremoy
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Visit waterfall
  • Visit ancient balinese water temple
  • Written Training Guide to be able to share a "Five Week Movement & Empowerment Course For Women" in your community & cities!


  • Flights


  • Movement as a medicine, healing & empowerment tool
  • Elemental Shakti Yoga
  • Different Dance Practices & Styles as: Roots Ragga, African Dance, Contemporary Dance, HipHop & House Dance
  • Different Movement Journeys as: Earth Dance, Sensual Dance, Inner Child Dance, Mother & Child Dance, Godess & Sacred Dance
  • How to connect deeper to nature & the earth & use this as a source of energy
  • Understanding of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
  • Sacred Sexuality & Yoni Egg Practice
  • Inner Union & how to call in a beloved partner
  • Connecting to the spirit of Cacao through Ceremony
  • How to create a sacred space
  • How to hold space for a group
  • Using your feelings as an inner guidance
  • What is shadow work & how can it serve us to transform our shadow into light
  • Working with affirmations
  • What is empowerment & how do we claim our power back
  • Sacred Touch & Massage
  • Womb Blessing
  • The woman as a cyclic being; moon consciousness & how she affects us
  • Healing your connection to your menstruation & coming into celebration
  • Intuitive singing circles
  • How to lead sharing circles


Please write an e-mail to ​
We will have a video chat to get a feel for each other & discuss open questions a few weeks before the training. I am looking foreward to meeting you.


To prepare yourSELF for the immersion there will be a 5 week online course (valued at 260 Euro) with different meditations, elemental shakti yoga & dance practices given to you FOR FREE as it is part of the immersion. On Sundays at the end of each week, I will be holding a

Zoom Call to gather and share our experiences and also have an opportunity to ask questions. Save these dates, as it will be beautiful to be part of the sharings:



2’555 Euro (twin bedroom) Single rooms are available on request.

Payment Plans:

If you wish to pay in monthly rates this is possible starting from 200 Euro; depending on when you sign up. A nonrefundable deposit of 500 Euro is to pay to secure your booking.
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VANESSA was guided to connect deeper to what it means to be a woman when she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a woman’s disease that is strongly connected to the womb and the menstrual cycle. She took this shocking yet necessary event as an invitation to reevaluate not only her life style but also her own relationship with her body and her femininity. In the last five years her strong longing for mystic knowledge and ways to heal and empower herself Vanessa set out on a journey that led her to Central America, Southeast Asia and India where she spent many months exploring and studying different practices like yoga, meditation, sound healing, ceremonial work, different healing modalities, dance, tantra and women’s work. Now Vanessa is based in Zurich and works as a massage therapist and holds monthly Sound Meditations, Sound Yoga, Cacao Ceremonies and Moon Sister Circles. Connected to her own healing journey she feels that there is so much power waiting for the collective feminine and every single woman through self-love and liberation of who we truly are.

Jelena Devi

Jelena is an intuitive & professionally trained dancer, yogini & movement artist. She has been sharing conscious bodywork through dance and yoga in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Marocco, Egypt, Australia, Bali & Jamaica. It is her greatest joy to guide people into deeper connection to their body & heart, & witness them expressing their truth.
Her passion for movement & her feeling for rhythm and music was given to her at a very young age through her parents. Jelena’s roots are Jamaican from her mother’s side & Swiss from her father’s side. She has been trained in various yoga styles & now teaches “Elemental Yoga”, which is a holistic approach of yoga inspired by Chinese Medicine and connects you deeply with nature and it’s forces. In addition, she is certified at a Dance & Theater School in Switzerland and was able to perform in different companies and also created her own dance pieces as “Ritual Warriors”. For twelve years she has been teaching many different dance styles as Ragga, Contemporary Dance & HipHop very successfully. In the last year she has followed her desire to dive deeper into using Dance as Medicine and has completed various dance trainings such as “Kundalini Dance” and “Holistic Dance” and today also leads Conscious Dance Journeys and Cacao Ceremonies.
“Allow yourself to be you & express it!”


Larissa is an endless optimist and believes that every single challenge harbours the opportunity to see the crack, where just more light wants to shine through. 10 years ago, after one year of psychotherapy, she stopped with a knowing for herself, there must be much more than just what psychology teaches us. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. And so it was. She embarked on a journey of getting to know herself, her light and her shadow, and diving deep into the wisdom of all sorts of mystical and spiritual knowledge, teachings and healing methods. In 2018 she stopped doing many things, such as teaching Yoga and Meditation practices, as she accompanied her father until the day he left his physical body. This journey with him has further expanded her consciousness and her admiration for the magic and wonder of life. Currently she is running her own company UNUmondo, offering Akashic Records Readings and ThetaHealing® sessions, of which she recently became a student and practitioner of. She is excited about what life has in store for her, and how she can be of service that enlightens her, others’ and the planet’s body, mind and spirit.

Vanessa Imhasly

Beim Sound Healing wirst du eingeladen, dich hinzulegen, loszulassen und zu empfangen. Lass die kraftvollen Schwingungen der Tibetischen Klangschalen dein ganzes Wesen durchdringen und dein System wieder in einen Zustand der Balance bringen. Die Klänge tragen dich ganz mühelos in einen meditativen Zustand, in dem sich dein Körper tief entspannt, deine Gedanken verstummen und deine Seele auf Reisen gehen darf.

Als Vanessa 2016 nach Indien reiste, um ihre Yoga-Kenntnisse zu vertiefen, stiess sie auf Nada Yoga. Nada bedeutet „Klang“, somit kann Nada Yoga mit “Einswerden durch Klang“ übersetzt werden. Nach diesem 200h Teacher Training in Rishikesh wuchs ihre Faszination an Klang und Musik als Instrument zur spirituellen Transformation und Heilung. Gleich danach verbrachte sie vier Monate in Bali, wo sie erstmals unterschiedliche Klangmeditationen besuchte. Die Klänge berührten sie auf so profunde und heilende Art, dass sie diese Art von Meditation unbedingt mit anderen Menschen teilen wollte. Im Klangzentrum Zürich absolvierte Vanessa darum eine Ausbildung zur Klangmasseurin, in der sie den Umgang mit tibetischen Klangschalen erlernte. Seither hält sie monatliche Klangschalen-Meditationen, Sound Healings, Yin & Klang Yoga und ähnliches. Sie bietet zudem Massagen und Klangmassagen in ihrem Atelier in Zürich an.

“Ich sehe Klang als unterstützende Kraft in dieser Zeit des Bewusstseinswandels. Er lädt uns ein loszulassen, er lehrt uns zu spüren und aufmerksam bei uns zu sein und er erlaubt uns Reisen in andere Bewusstseinsebenen. “

Jelena Devi

Jelena Devi’s Lebensweg führte sie zur Erkenntnis, dass wenn wir eine starke Gesellschaft wollen, müssen wir bei den Frauen und Kindern anfangen. Warum? Weil jeder Mensch durch eine Frau geboren wird und wir somit eine grosse Verantwortung sowie auch Geschenk tragen. Darum teilt sie seit einigen Jahren ihre tiefe Liebe und ihr Wissen mit anderen Frauen mit viel Leidenschaft.
Jelena landete tanzend in diese Welt. Während vielen Jahren studierte sie professionellen Tanz, Choreographie und vertiefte ihr Wissen, Menschen über Bewegung in tiefere Verbindung mit sich selbst und ihrem Herzen zu führen. Nachdem Sie selbständig ein Yoga-und Tanzstudio geleitet hat, unterrichtet sie heute international Tanz und Yoga als Mittel, Menschen in ihre Freude und Wahrheit zurückzuführen. Sie leitet diverse Workshops, unter anderem auch Cacao Zeremonien, sowie Retreats und Trainings.
“Wir Frauen tragen eine grosse Verantwortung, die Neue Erde” aus unseren Schossräumen und Herzen zu gebären.”