Shakti Rising Facilitator Training


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I believe that you are whole and hold all wisdom within. Through movement I will guide you into your body, heart & soul wisdom. I understand myself as a gate opener & guide to claiming back your full power. Learning how to listen to the body, heart & soul language again; trusting your feelings & intuition through daily movement & empowerment practices.

Nature – mother earth – Gaia is my direct teacher. We all came here to support her evolution & shift. As we are all her children, she becomes our ultimate mother – teaching us unconditional love & presence. From my deep love to nature I have studied “Elemental Yoga & Yoga Therapy” to understand how we as humans can understand our energy flow better in connection to the elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & ETHER within us. This wisdom is based on Chinese medicine which teaches us about the meridians (energy pathways in the body) and their connecting organs. We hold all elements within; we are them & they are us. Through moving accordingly and enhancing a specific element through intention, prayer, yoga & dance practice; you will be able to receive the insight, messages & healing directly from the spirit of each element. Many of us also understand an energy force better by visualising an archetype to call in their specific qualities & teachings. I will be sharing this way of working with different feminine archetypes. For connecting to Earth we call on Gaia directly; she teaches us unconditional love & abundance. For connecting to Water we call on Maria Magdalena, the tantric & sensual lover. For connecting to Fire we call on Kali /Sechmet; the dark mother & wild woman & warrior who teaches us firce love. For connecting to Air we call on our inner children, who soften our hearts & teach us forgiveness. For connecting to Ether / Spirit we call our inner Goddess/ Queen, to become a pure channel of love; emboying Divinity & standing in our full power as a woman connected to source.

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