Nature – the earth is my guide & teacher. This is where I remember who I am and find peace within.

Welcome to my space to move together through life. I invite you to simply be and express who you are. Finding your truth through embodiment practices as yoga and dance, which connect you to your essence, your body, nature and to each other.
Inviting the changes we wish to see in the world first into our reality and remembering the power that lies in making conscious and loving choices, which benefit ourselves, our families, friends, and ultimately the entire world.

“Jelena” is my birth name. “Mukti Devi” -meaning “liberated Goddess”- is my spiritual name given in a yoga ashram initiation.
As this is my space of connecting to you and the world; I am all about bridging the human life experience and the Divinity within each and every one within the pure heart. Supporting us all in remembering that everything is divine.
This is a space to celebrate your pure being-ness. Allowing the challenging and the beautiful moments in life to be equally loved and accepted as part of our unique experience here on earth. Inviting the practice of unconditional love to be our daily prayer. Giving thanks to your beautiful heart for being on this journey.

With love and appreciation Jelena


Dance is the most natural way to move the body and express what I am feeling within. It’s freeing, empowering & healing all at the same time. Let your body speak to you & allow your life to become a sacred dance in full joy & presence.
JELENA (Switzerland/Jamaica) landed into this world dancing. After many years exploring the realms of professional dance, choreography and teaching a variety of styles it is her greatest joy to guide people into deeper connection to their body and heart to witness expression of truth. Previously a dance/yoga studio owner her company DanceAway now shares “Dance & Yoga as Medicine” all over the world in the form of ceremony, ecstatic earth dance, workshops and elemental dance/yoga retreats.

"Nature - the earth is my guide & teacher. This is where I remember who I am and find peace within."