1st week: 30st of July - 4th of August 2020 // 2nd week: 6th of August - 11th of August


BACK TO THE ROOTS is a special gathering where we will meet in a beautiful place surrounded by nature & enjoy a daily yoga, dance & drum practice. This retreat is all about re-connecting to yourself, nature & each other. Each day is dedicated to a specific element (earth, water, fire, air & ether) to allow our body, mind & spirit to come into harmony.
Nourishing healthy food will support your body to feel balanced, grounded & energized.
This retreat suits single travellers, couples & families. There are no movement or drum skills needed; everyone is welcome. If you are an experienced yogi/ni, dancer or musician we are excited to help you rise & evolve to the next level. “ONE PEOPLE – ONE RIDDIM – ONE LOVE”
NATURE is where we reCONNECT to mother EARTH & receive insight & blessings on our path. Both retreats are in a beautiful place in nature where you have lots of time & space to enjoy the surrounding & relax in nature.
YOGA is an ancient movement practice which harmonises the body, mind & spirit. Dion & Jelena are trained in different yoga styles & today share a chinese medicine influenced yoga practice which supports the organs & meridians.
DANCE Jelena will be inspiring you into fun and free expression through dance & you will explore different styles & journey’s as: Ragga, Ecstatic Dance, Chakra Dance & Contemporary Dance.
DRUMS With Dions drumming you will be guided to drop into your own internal rhythm centre & learn different beats. From slow and meditative, to wild and ecstatic, we’ll be connecting to our rhythm from the inside-out and having lots of fun! ​
FOOD During the week you will be enjoying delicious organic vegetarian food prepared with love to noursih our body & hearts. Private Sessions MASSAGE will be offered by Dion who is a trained massage therapist.
EMPOWERMENT SESSIONS will be offered by Jelena who is a trained energy healer & therapist.
YOGA THERAPY will be offered by Jelena who is a trained yoga therapist.

Chateau de Promenois, Jouey, France


This is how a day may look like:


Please Contact Me if you have any further questions. I am excited to move & journey with you.







Early-Bird Prices:

Early-Bird until end of May 2020: Dormitory Style (mattresses on the groud): € 999.- Double Room (Twin or Double Bed): € 1’222.- Single Room: € 1’333.
Dormitory Style (mattresses on the groud): € 1’111.- Double Room (Twin or Double Bed): € 1’333.- Single Room: € 1’444.